Hangzhou People's Air Defense Office (Municipal Office of Civil Defense) is located in No. 23, Liangdaoshan, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou City. It is a municipal government department responsible for municipal people's air defense and civil defense, and a working body of Municipal Defense Mobilization Commission.

Working Responsibilities:

1. Implement national and provincial people's air defense guidelines, policies, laws, regulations and rules; supervise and urge the implementation. Be entrusted to draft local laws and regulations related with people's air defense (civil defense); work out related normative documents and organize the implementation. Guide and carry out administrative law enforcement of municipal people's air defense (civil defense) according to laws.

2. According to needs of national economy, social development plans and national defense construction, organize the compilation of people’s air defense (civil defense) construction programs and plans; take part in the compilation of urban underground space programs and those programs combining people’s air defense construction with urban construction.

3. According to stipulated jurisdiction, be responsible for air defense constructions, as well as examination & approval, quality supervision and completion acceptance of air defense constructions; be responsible for underground space development, examination and approval of people’s air defense requirements; be responsible for examination and approval of reconstruction, demolition and abandonment of people’s air defense constructions; guide people’s air defense constructions and their maintenance management; implement people’s air defense requirements during development and construction of underground space, which shall be developed and utilized in peacetime and shall realize function conversion during war and peace time.

4. Organize the construction and management of people’s air defense communication for command, alarms, command posts and emergency evacuation places; organize the formulation of urban people’s air defense action plans and personnel safeguards action plans in case of public emergencies; work with related departments to bring forward key protection targets and report them to superior departments for examination and approval; guide important economic target units to formulate peacetime protection measures and wartime urgent repair plans; give play to people’s air defense command, communications and mass air defense organizations and take part in peacetime rescue, relief and emergency rescue in the city; organize and carry out air defense and disaster prevention drills.

5. Organize, coordinate and carry out comprehensive publicity, education and skill training of air defense and disaster prevention knowledge; organize and formulate people’s air defense education and training plans, determine education and training contents and work with related departments to organize the implementation; guide related units to build mass air defense organizations, including training communications, chemical defense, plague prevention, medical aid, emergency rescue and repair, firefighting, public security and transportation; guide the construction of people’s air defense volunteer teams.

6. Be responsible for management of state-owned assets, funds and materials of people’s air defense; according to laws, raise construction fund of people’s air defense and prepare budget and final account of people’s air defense; organize and carry out internal auditing; be responsible to supervise and inspect people’s air defense expenditures of districts and counties (cities).

7. Be responsible for science and technology management of people’s air defense (civil defense); organize and carry out researches and academic exchanges about science and technology of people’s air defense (civil defense); promote the application of scientific research achievements.

8. Guide the people’s air defense (civil defense) work of districts and counties (cities).

9. Undertake other matters assigned by Municipal Government, Hangzhou Garrison Command Zone and Municipal Defense Mobilization Commission.

10. In wartime, according to decisions by Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government and military command institutions, issue people’s air defense orders and instructions; set up command posts in good time and implement effective command.

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